Finding Old Friends

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David and Jeff Babcock July 1996

Vandenberg Air Force Base - Jeff and I vent to Junior High School in 1969 and 70. I showed Jeff how to dance and introduced him to the music of James Taylor. In 1971 Jeff invited me to a PYOC (Protestant Youth of the Chapel) meeting. It changed the focus of my life till this day.

Jeff Babcock Story

David and Roger Gimbel July 1996

Vandenberg Air Force Base Roger and I went from the 6th grade to 10th grade together. He and Jim Lindblom were my two best friends in the early days (1969-1972).


Leslie's friends Tony Dickson and Karen Edwards October 1997

Another 1972 PYOC*  Friend from California. Jeannie Hobart Phillips.  We had a great visit with her and her family in April 2000. 

*Protestant Youth of the Chapel  VAFB, California

David & Merri Derrington Blodgett
in 2002


Another 1972 PYOC*  Friend from California. Terry Baldwin Vargas.  We had a great visit with her and her husband Alfonso  September 11, 2003. 



A Tony Bubba    B John Beaudry  C Patty Coonan Colman 
Gene Millet   E Bev Causby Mosqueda  F Jim Gibbons
John Sanchez  H Conrad Jones  I Kathy Goforth Malonee 
Steve Clayton  K Kristi Fuller Maloney L Dan Duffy
Celeste Blanc  N David Meek 0 Becky Patterson
Theresa Young  R Andrienne Boyd K Cindy Monroe
Rhonda Henley Gauthier T Jeannie Hobart Phillips
Merri Derrington Blodgett V Tony Lopez
Cathy Shifllett Mohlman X Laurie Morrow  Y Sharon Byrd Davis
Beth Wilson Bobbitt 1 Brian Frasier 2 Ruth Kline Marple
Gary Murphy 3a Gary Murphy's son Ryan 4 Donna Riley
Jerry Reyes 6 Lettie Jones Gavlak 7 Don Cantrell 8 Eddie Cintron
Donna Dyste Sommer  10 Guy Truett  11 Donna Garwood Maxie
Chris Slavens  AA Bill McWhorter BB Kathy Andrews Froemming
Kris Andrews DD Mel Vasquez EE Jan Lundberg

  Cabrillo Class of 1974 Reunion  1999

Finding Old School Friends

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