Note from David to my Friends!


In 1995 I felt a need to find old friends and in some way thank them for their influence and impact on my life. At first it seemed like an impossible task to look for people I havenít seen or heard from in over twenty plus years. I had originally targeted about twenty five people some of which had a very common last name or their last name might have changed as the result of having gotten married.  The internet was coming of age and more search tools were coming available monthly if not weekly.  I came across the early days of and They didnít have as many members at that time but who they did have I contacted in one form or another.

I learned very quickly that some people didnít want to be found and that a lot of the ladies that I was looking for werenít always receptive to being found from an old male friend. Even if it was old sweet David Jonathan Hamm. I can understand the reasons why they might have been a little dismayed with this being the era of serial killers and stalkers.  

My excitement and enthusiasm was not always shared with the ones I found and I quickly learned that they didnít always remember all the things I remembered.  I quickly learned to be content in the fact that they at least remembered who I was!  Wow! 

Some wrote back more than others and that in itself was a lot of fun. I wanted to talk with all of those that I found but actually only got to speak with a very few of them. Once again Iím sure many were thinking who is this guy and what does he want (Iíll call any of my old friends that ask me to). It was neat to discovery that those that I did get to speak with sounded just like they did many years ago. Funny that size, shape hair color (or lack thereof) may change but the voice stays pretty much the same.  I wonder why that is?  I often wondered if itís not because itís a everlasting part of who we really are. What do you think?

 I actually found all the people on my list and few others that werenít on my list. Two of the original twenty-five were deceased. That was a very surreal and humbling experience.

I didnít think I would ever cry over someone I hadnít seen in so many years but I did.  I guess I felt like I missed my only opportunity to thank them for being a part of my life. I have since that time made a great effort to be appreciative and thankful to all my friends.

 Finally I would like to say ďTHANK YOU AGAINĒ to all of my friends; old or new.  I have lived a very blessed and happy life. I thank God for all that I am and have and for what he is preparing and shaping me to become. 


David Hamm