The Fantastic Story of How I found Jeff Babcock in 1995


Leslie and I were doing our usual Saturday morning excursion.  We like to check out second hand store for deals and go places we never been before. It's always fun and cheap. One Saturday, Leslie decided to try a new second hand store on Poole Road here in Raleigh.  It was a small store with limited items. I usually like to look at the old electronics and books to see if there are any good deals.


Leslie was looking at the ladies clothes and I was searching through the stacks of books when out of the corner of my eye something grabs my attention. There to my right is a stack of old songbooks. I'm not talking one or two but about a dozen. The interesting thing about these books was they were Christian songbooks from a musical collection I had done as a teenager.  The cover was very familiar, as was the title "Tell it like it is!”  This brought back a flood or great memories from many days gone by.   As I started to reflect on this period of my life I remember the individual who originally invited me to be a part of this Christian group that did this musical. 


Jeff Babcock had been a friend of mine throughout Jr. High School and the early days of Senior High School. We had arranged to spend some time together over then weekend, the only exception was that he had to attend he youth group meeting that weekend and might be late unless I wanted to go with him. Well I had nothing better to do so I decided to go.  Little did I know that it would be one of the major turning points of my life. Let me continue on with the story.


I looked through the books reading the words to the many songs I had sung over the years I was a part of this musical group.  I laid the books down and continued looking at the books in the stacks to my left. There was a big book to my left that looked interesting. It was titled " The Complete Book of Attorneys in Texas". I thought I wonder what the chances of Jeff Babcock being in this book were. I knew he always wanted to be a lawyer so I looked in the book.  Strangely enough I found a Jeffery A Babcock in Laredo, Texas.  I wrote down the phone number and hurried to tell Leslie of my find. She smiled with amazement knowing that things like this happen to me all the time.


I called the number I had written down that Saturday evening only to hear that that number had been disconnected. I didn't think anymore of it and put the number in my Day-Timer.  Monday morning I was At work and felt compelled to try the number again.  The phone rang and someone answered the phone "US Attorney's Office". (I figured I must have dialed the wrong number on Saturday) I promptly asked to speak to Jeff Babcock. The lady told me that he no longer was in the Laredo office and could be reached at the Houston Office.  I wrote down the number and hung up the phone. I remembered from an earlier phone search that there was a Jeffery A Babcock in Houston. I decided to call the home number instead.


As I dialed the number I thought to myself what are you doing? What if he doesn't remember who you are or doesn't care to talk with me? I almost talked myself out of calling.  Then all of a sudden a lady answers the phone. Hello, she says.  I said may I speak to Jeff Babcock?  Just a moment she says, who may I say is calling?  David Hamm I reply. She lays the phone down. Then I think to myself he won’t know who David Hamm is. He remembers me as Jonathan Hamm. I said OH NO!. I said to myself what will I do when he answers the phone. A few moments pass and hear a familiar "hello”. A voice I haven't heard in twenty plus years.


I said Jeff?  Yes, he replied. Do you remember a Jonathan Hamm?  YES I DO!  He replies. I was just speaking to my daughter about you a few weeks ago.  I asked him about what he was speaking.  He proceeded to tell me about how years ago I had introduced him to James Taylor and had instructed him on how to dance.  This I didn't remember at all, but was nice to hear that I had done something good when I was a teenager.  As week talked on Jeff informed me about how lucky I was to have caught him at home. I asked him why was that?  He said that he usually was at work by this time and that because of the rain and flooding he was delayed.  I thought to myself what interesting timing this was.


Jeff was curious as to why I had decided to call. I then told him how a couple of years ago I felt that it was important to tell those people who had influenced my life THANK YOU.  I had been searching for Jeff for a couple of years with no progress. This event in the second hand store was more then just a coincident! I then told him after many years of searching THANK YOU!  Thank You for taking the time to invite me to your youth group.  That invitation changed my life and my family’s life forever.  Jeff didn't really know what to say. He said he had never had anything like this happen to him before and didn't know what to say. He did thank me for taking the time to look him up and call him.  That was mid 1995 in the summer of 1996 Leslie and I met Jeff and his wife for dinner in Houston, Texas. To this very day we’ve stay in touch by e-mail or telephone.  Isn’t God good?